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All Social Scoop Summit videos have now been archived.  If you missed any of the expert interviews, you can secure your on-demand access to this social media library of content by clicking on the link below. Enjoy lifetime access and watch at your leisure. 

The content shared during the course of this "social media bootcamp" is worth well over $500. You can get lifetime access for only $147 for a limited time.
Christine St. Vil
Founder, MomsNCharge & Purpose Driven Media

Host of The Social Scoop Summit, Christine, offers an exciting preview of what's ahead. She drops insider tips on how to get the most out of the information that will be shared from the experts that will be shared over the next 2 weeks. Get ready to take your business to the next level!

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Kim Coles
Master Story and Stage Success Coach

Kim teaches us all how we can find our audience and build a community of like-minded individuals by becoming more customer-focused.  She suggests we shift our focus from customer acquisition to customer journey by being intentional in defining exactly where we actually want to lead them. Kim also gives us the scoop on how we can master the art of storytelling by learning the 4 C's. 

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Andrea Hence Evans, Esq.
The Law Firm of Andrea Hence Evans, LLC

Andrea warns us all about the dangers of not protecting our intellectual property - brand, ideas, and content - to ensure we are properly credited and compensated. She reminds us that as innovators, we need to be guard against theft of our original concepts so that we can continually differentiate ourselves in the marketplace with our unique and valuable service or product offering.

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Jermaine Griggs
Founder, HearAndPlay.com

Sales and strategy guru, Jermaine, encourages all online entrepreneurs to invest in knowledge and "how to." He stresses the importance of studying the psychology of selling to get to the heart of what actually motivates people to buy.

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Nicole Brown
Founder, Izzy & Liv

Nicole explains how she has leveraged the most cost-effective form of advertising - word-of-mouth - to scale her subscription-based business to over 7 figures in revenue in just 4 short years. She details how she has turned her most loyal followers into brand ambassadors and built a community to foster authentic connections between her customers to drive brand awareness and sales.

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Tiffini Gatlin
CEO, Latched and Hooked Beauty

Always so real and authentic, Tiffini explains a challenge so many startups face - trying to make the business appear much larger than it is. She explains how bringing your customers along for the journey while giving them a genuine and first-rate customer experience builds lasting brand loyalty.

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Freddie E. Taylor
Founder, Urban Intellectuals

Freddie plays myth buster for some of the biggest misconceptions relative to building a large following on social media. He contends the key is to focus on the level of engagement of your audience, and touts sticking to your core message as the most compelling way to attract like-minded followers and build your “tribe” online.

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Tara Darnley
Co-Founder, Darlyng & Co.

Tara details how important human connection is in creating a first impression of what your business is all about. She also cautions against some of the pitfalls of using a "middle man" to sell to your customers, and why selling direct was the best route for her business.

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Chris Davis
Strategic Advisor

Chris walks us through how to effectively continue the conversation with our customers by moving them from social media to alternative communication channels that drive them to our products and services. He suggests building a system with 3 main components that flawlessly supports execution of this strategy.

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Dino & Heather Cummings
Founders, CurlKit

Dino and Heather remind us that done beats perfect 100% of the time. They also suggest business owners look at their own buying habits and challenges as an indication of what issues they can solve with their products and services and for clues to what their customers may be looking to purchase.

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Tamara Zantell
CEO/Founder, Raising A Mogul, LLC
COO, Zandra

Tamara explains how parents can help support their kidpreneurs in building a brand that represents their unique perspective. She explains how to keep the process fun and engaging for kids and stresses the importance of finding the right "work-life" balance for their mini-moguls.

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Charis Jones
Owner, Sassy Jones

Charis recounts her personal journey building her business and reminds us all that in the process of growing our businesses, we need to learn to embrace opportunity and "do it afraid." She explains how her company purposefully segments its customers and gives its most loyal fans an over-the-top experience that includes lavish vacations and gifts as a show of appreciation.

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Ari Adams
CEO, Shiftcon

Ari gives us her best tips for how brands can garner the attention of influencers. Plus, she elaborates on how brands can get the most of those relationships by going beyond mere mentions. Finally, she gives us the "tea" on how she uses an often overlooked platform to build massive amounts of followers.

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Nikki Woods
CEO, Nikki Woods Media

Nikki explains how brands can leverage media coverage to grow their businesses. She offers some little-known secrets on how to garner media attention and fully capitalize off of the coverage to build brand awareness. Plus, she suggests some of her best strategies for helping authors monetize their books by considering ways to repurpose the content to generate additional revenue streams.

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Lamar Tyler
Founder, Traffic Sales & Profit

Lamar talks about the importance of listening to your customers and allowing their feedback to inform your content, messaging and offer. He also suggests embracing a "quality over quantity" approach for attracting customers, and suggests some best practices for aligning your business goals with your social media strategy.

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Ramunda Lark Young
Co-Founder, MahoganyBooks

Ramunda explains how to study your customer engagement as an indication of what content, products and services they are most interested in from your businesses. She talks us through which key data points we need to pay most attention to discover what our customers LOVE about our brand.

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Crystal Swain-Bates
Founder, Goldest Karat Publishing

Crystal offers insider tips on how she found tremendous success as an author by filling a specific need within her target audience, and how much of the important work you can do to drive sales is done BEFORE you publish the book. She offers valuable tips for how authors can connect with their ideal audience in unique ways using social media to create buzz and generate social proof.

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Charreah Jackson
International Communication Strategist, Media Entrepreneur, & Author

Charreah details the importance of striking the right balance between humanizing your business with personal content without oversharing to connect with and draw your customers into your brand story. She also shares her BEST tips for how small businesses can attract media coverage by being vulnerable and sharing their personal stories.

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Dr. Tammira Lucas
Executive Director, The Warnock Foundation

Tammira explains the concept of social innovation and why 21st century businesses need to be focused on how we can make an impact in the communities we serve. She walks us through the main challenges small business start-ups face in trying to grow their businesses. Plus, she gives us the scoop on her top 2 social media growth hacks to help you build a bigger audience online.

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Stephanie Williams
Vegan Social Media Influencer

Stephanie explains how to ensure the most visibility for your Instagram content by posting consistently and engaging with your followers. She also explains some of her best strategies for garnering additional followers who are certain to be interested in your content, and how to build a pipeline of content to make posting a breeze!

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Dr. Gina Paige
Co-Founder, African Ancestry

Dr. Gina explains how her business has evolved its marketing approach as new social media technologies have emerged. She encourages small businesses to think beyond traditional marketing methods to take full advantage of paid and organic digital marketing tactics to increase exposure to your potential customers.

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AnnMarie John
Lifestyle Blogger, AnneMarieJohn.com

AnneMarie talks about a surprising social media tactic that has helped her brand grow their followers and increase engagement. She also talks through how to maintain brand authenticity by not compromising your company’s values to pursue advertising opportunities that do not align with your brand just for a few “coins.”

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Mario Armstrong
Emmy Award-winning Talk Show Host

Mario teaches us all that getting clear on our intent provides the ultimate roadmap for planning our business strategy. He also encourages us to stop trying to guess what our customers want, but to actually bring them into the fold and make them a part of the process!

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Stacey Ferguson
Co-Founder and CEO, Blogalicious

Stacey drops some serious gems on how we can all diversify our brands using a range of social media platforms to engage our audience and position ourselves to create multiple streams of passive income through brand partnerships, live events, online products, and more. Plus, she lets us in on an insider tip for bloggers and influencers looking to pitch brands for win-win partnerships!

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Terry Foster
CEO, Terry Foster Agency

Terry cautions small business owners against sinking money into Facebook ads as a end-all solution for slow sales or poor customer response. He suggests ads are much more effective when backed by an irresistible offer, strong creatives, and messaging that speaks directly to your customers.

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Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin
Founders, GaBBY Bows

Mother-daughter duo, Gabby and Rozalynn recount how they did not allow early skepticism from banks to deter them from moving forward with their plans to start a business. After completely bootstrapping their business, they have leveraged social media and live-streaming to build an uber-successful company. Plus, they give us all the scoop on a HUGE, new brand partnership that will take their business to the next level!

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Kimberly Lewis
Co-Founder, CurlMix

Kim walks us through how a critical pivot in her company's business strategy turned revenue of $2,000 per month into over $200,000 per month. She also gives us the scoop on how online brands can develop an engaging customer service experience that can easily compete with retail stores.

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Paul Brunson
TV Host, UK's Celebs Go Dating
Featured Business Columnist, USA Today

Paul explains how great content can take on many lives by re-purposing it for multiple platforms and changing the format to speak to different segments of your audience. Paul reminds us of the importance of defining our values to help guide decision-making for our businesses, and the power of being bold and asking for what you want.

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Christine St. Vil
Host, The Social Scoop Summit
Founder, Purpose Driven Media

Christine provides a complete wrap-up of the Summit including some of the best nuggets and takeaways from our experts over the past 2 weeks.  Plus, a special invitation for Summit attendees.

Find Christine online at:
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All Social Scoop Summit videos have now been archived.  If you missed any of the expert interviews, you can secure your on-demand access to this social media library of content by clicking on the link below. Enjoy lifetime access and watch at your leisure. 

The content shared during the course of this "social media bootcamp" is worth well over $500. You can get lifetime access for only $147 for a limited time.

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